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Residential Sealcoating Services

Benefits of Residential Sealcoating:


1ST Choice Asphalt Repair Sealcoating is not just our name....

It's the way we do our business!

  • Prevents Oxidation and forms a tough protective coating.
  • Stops weather damage seal the porous asphalt surface
  • Prevents water penetration.
  • Resists gas, oil and salts. Seals and protects from the deteriorating effects.
  • Beautifies and restores appearance to that like new finish.
  • Enhances overall appearance of the property.
  • The smooth even surface making maintenance easier.


3-Step process on every driveway surface!

  • Prepare surface and edges with powered mechanical edging machine
  • We access all of the edges of of your asphalt surface.
  • Clean surface by means of powered blowers, scrapers and wire brooms.
  • Apply sealer by means of a special two-man technique
  • Professional equipment to leave a streak free smooth surface.
  • We finish by tying string and ribbons at the end of your driveway

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