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Residential Driveway Maintenance Services

Why Sealcoat my Driveway?

Well, why paint a house, or seal a wood deck or any thing else? You paint or seal to make it look like new and to preserve it. Sealcoating is just that. It preserves and protects. It serves the same purpose. It is common sense preventive maintenance that saves you money.


How is 1ST Choice Asphalt Repair sealcoating different?

1ST Choice Asphalt Repair has proprietary sealing and cleaning equipment. That others don't. Proper equipment is the key to to top quality sealcoating. We have custom built equipment like our full sweep, hydraulic driven three blade agitator and M-4 Wilden double-diaphragm material pumps. Equipment like this is designed and engineered to properly mix the material constantly at the jobsite to assure a consistent, uniform mix deliver straight to the drive by hose for a more uniform application. Our well paid sealing crew applies our sealer with pride and they care. They have many years experience in application. That's the difference.


Does 1ST Choice Asphalt Repair match competitors lower price?

We do not price match because of our commitment to excellence. We work by our mission statement which says it all. Quality Material, Professional service and Neatness. Beware of some contractors who operate out of a 55 gallon drum and buckets. Make sure they have liability and workers compensation insurance. Legitimate companies do.


How long should I stay off my driveway after sealcoating?

1ST Choice Asphalt Repair sealcoating recommends that you do not drive on it for a minimum of 24 hours. The weight of vehicles can leave power steering marks. Actual full cure time is 72 hours. You can walk on it 2 hours after it has dried to the touch. It can take longer on shaded areas.


What if it rains after you have Sealed your driveway?

A sealed driveway will cure enough in 1-2 hours to handle rain.


What kind of driveway sealer do you use?

Coal tar Concentrate. This is a water based product. It is the same pavement sealer we use for parking lots. Our mix design for driveways in summer:-100 gallons sealer - 100 lbs. sand - 30-35 gallons water - 1% Top Tuff- Only one coat of sealer is recommended for drives to avoid sealer build-up and to resist check cracking.


How often should I sealcoat my drive way?

1ST Choice Asphalt Repair recommends on new asphalt that you sealcoat the driveway every year for two years. After that every other year. Many of our customers choose to seal their driveway yearly.


What is your drive way work guarantee?

Quality of work, no mess or sloppiness. If you are not satisfied with our work. We will correct the problem until you are.


How do we make payment for your driveway services?

If you are home:

We accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard at the time service are render.


If you are not home:

You can pre-pay with a credit card at the time that we schedule.


You can pay by check. Call us for check paying procedure.


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