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Parking Lot Striping & Pavement Marking Services

Striping is the final touch that adds a tremendous amount of appeal and controls the parking and traffic flow.


Their is one thing for sure. You can take a perfect paving or sealcoating project and completely ruin the appearance of the whole job with a sloppy striping job. Straight, crisp, clean lines and stencils are a must. 1ST Choice Asphalt Repair chalks all lines on new layout striping to insure perfectly straight lines. We use only high quality tough wearing traffic paint.



Striping Specs:

  • Striping can be done approximately 3-4 hours after the sealer has dried. Time will vary depending on temperature.striping parking lots

  • All paints used will meets or will exceeds all federal and state highway paint specifications.

  • All lines will be applied with Airless striping machine. These striping machines applies paint at the approximate rate of 300-linear feet per gallon as opposed to an air striper which applies paint at the rate of about 650 linear feet per gallon.

  • All lines will be 4 inches or wider. They will be straight and uniform. All stencils will be clear and well defined.

  • Fast Dry Acrylic Waterborne Traffic Paint will be used on all asphalt surfaces unless specified.

Equipment is the key to a professional striping job.

Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Marking Services in Schaumburg Area

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